GCCE as part of a well-established 100% local group of companies, which has been started since 1999.
GCCE created as a solution and demand of high quality cleaning and hygiene products in UAE market, while initially concentrated in representing the most advanced and well-known brand names in same fields as an exclusive dealer and partner for following:

Later after years of successful experience in sourcing the best products to be delivered to the valuable clients, whereas taking in consideration that the golden name only will be built by the clients satisfaction & trust in the products, services and the unique support.
GCCE decided to invest mainly in the customers satisfaction, and accordingly the innovative strategic decision been taken to start manufacturing all disposable, hygiene and daily use products to be delivered at best rates, shortest delivery periods enhanced with controlled quality prospective as following:

1-Plast-Tech for plastic manufacturing, to produce all garbage bags – shopping bags and all packaging plastic materials.

2-Gulf Tissue Factory, to produce all hygienic tissue papers

3-Solutions Chemical Industries, to produce detergent chemicals for all cleaning solutions.

4-Plast-Tech for plastic bottles and cans manufacturing.

To enhance the strong position that GCCE aiming to occupy in the cleaning, hygiene, waste management and environmental sustainability products, GCCE professionally organized the following departments and facilitation pillars to be an added value to its clients and distinguishing its unique features from others:

A-Delivery & logistic supply chain department supported by more than 25 delivery trucks to reach all over UAE at clients sites, free of charge.

B-After sales services department and customer services center consists of two mobile teams, huge spare parts store and efficient workshop and 11 professional trained technicians.

C-Quality Control department to assure the best products quality output as well as follow up all committed terms with clients.

D-Free consultancy department in solving clients concerns, and advising on best products and solutions.

E-Free Demonstrations & materials samples, to be tested by the client before starting any deal.

F-Extended warranty terms for the most machineries and equipment up to 24 months, supported by annual maintenance contracts to assure the efficient operational conditions to clients’ machines.

G-Cost control planning support for long terms contracts, on the daily operational use products at guaranteed techniques for reducing client expenses and increasing projected profit.

Highest levels of customers’ satisfaction our motto.