As we are handling the highest quality products worldwide and the most International brands in the Cleaning Machinery – Golf and Electric Cars – Landscaping Equipments – Industrial Equipments,

We have built very strong maintenance Department to support and serve our valuable clients, in U.A.E and other Gulf Countries with possibility to cover whole Middle East countries.
We back up our best sales conditions by the best after sales services, as we understand that our products are solutions for problems either in the cleaning or the transportation or landscaping or any other industrial application, thus we are aware to keep those products running in the best condition in our customers’ sites and projects.
We don’t forget the spare parts stock for the machines to be available at our stores, as this is one of the important matters making our maintenance and services quality very high.
Our team of Training Department ready to train the clients machines users at the most professional standards, in using and maintaining the machines.
Any time during the operation of the machine our trainers ready to come and do the training again for any new staff the client will appoint to use the machines.
As we are sure from our products we are offering before sales demonstration to show our clients the machines performance and to give the best solutions for his requirements.
We don’t cause more cost to our clients as we are ready to deliver the machines in U.A.E up to the clients’ stores or sites, etc… in our cost (free of Charge)
We Offer Free Site visits from our Engineers in the service Department to check the machines during the first year free, and give report to the client about the machines operation situation at his site.

Our customers satisfaction is our aim since we close the deal and during the machines operation